VersaDock: It just works

versadock pontoon

So What is VersaDock?

VersaDock make modular docking solutions. Like all great innovations, it’s very simple.
Buoyant, Modular blocks which fit together. A range of accessories allow you to create truly bespoke pontoons bridges and just about anything else you can think of. It’s like Lego for docks.

What are the limitations of VersaDock?

Honestly, the only limitations are in your imagination. They cool little modular blocks are used in everything from regular pontoons, drive on docks, bridges to ferry, support for floating structures.

Want a wedding marquee that floats on a lake? VersaDock can let you do it.
Need to perform structural repairs on a bridge? These little modular blocks will provide easy access.

Simplicity is the key here. It’s easy to put together, and it’s easy to take apart.

At Mobius, we love to market products that we believe in.

If you can think of a sure for VersaDock, check it out their Dock Builder. You will not be sorry.

Verasdock: It just works.