Why social media is so effective

One of the biggest benefits is simply an increased level of brand recognition. The more you get your ideas and your brand voice out there, the more likely people will pick up on it, recognise it and engage with it. This is why social media is so powerful. Regular tweeting, for example, keeps your business front of mind in the lives of your prospects. As long as you have identified the right people to be tweeting to, this is essentially a shorter form of blogging, and is similar to effective email marketing.

This amplification of your brand can be very effective, and can lead to people responding by visiting your website. As long as you use social media to convey clear branding messages every now and then (do it all the time and it loses it’s effectiveness) you will find that people will respond in a very positive way.

Brand loyalty

Social media makes you instantly more accessible to potential new customers. It is quick and it is easy to get involved in. if you are using it to help with branding, you are making huge progress. To make a point, imagine a Twitter user finding your company name for the first time ever in their newsfeed. It does happen.

Brand loyalty is another key aspect of social media’s effectiveness. Here, a brand can tap into customer loyalty, which is responsible for increased revenue, sharing and more engagement overall. Studies show that brands that are regularly on social media and have a social plan are more likely to increase brand loyalty and therefore revenue.

A very well orchestrated social media plan, conducted over a long period of time, can be very effective in turning prospects into loyal customers who want to buy again and again.

There are also more opportunities to convert through social media. Every time a follower clicks on the link to your site, there is a chance for conversion. This doesn’t happen al the time, of course, but it will as long as you keep using social media effectively. And if you use it effectively and build up a loyal following, you will start to see regular traffic and then increased conversions. It is entirely possible with social media, and many companies are finding that they receive a lot of their business through well-orchestrated social media campaigns that push conversions on a regular basis.

Social media is a powerful tool. A number of companies are using it to boost conversions and bring in more revenue. This means that it is now an effective part of any company’s marketing strategy. And this will continue to be the case as social media grows.