Pay Per Click

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an online advertising model. You pay every time a user clicks your ad. There are many PPC Platforms, such as Google Adwords. All major search engines offer a PPC platform, as well as many common Social Media platforms such as Facebook.

Mobius have research and built a large amount of PPC campaigns for clients from all kinds of industries. As a Google Partner, we enjoy passing on our expertise to deliver results-driven PPC campaigns that drive sales forward but keep costs down. We offer training to any of our clients who want to manage their own campaigns and who want to understand the intricacies of PPC.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or SEO has been with us for quite a few years and has grown more prominent for your online marketing strategy every year reaching the point were if you want to be visible in the search engines you have to engage with an SEO campaign to be seen effectively online.

There are thousands of people claiming to be SEO experts, claiming to be able to get you ranked 1 on page 1 in a a matter of days, usually using black hat methods to get you there (black hat = naughty google illegal methods) Don’t be fooled as this short term fix can have catastrophic long term implications for your online visibility. Only engage with reputable experts who know what they are taking about and understand the latest algorithms and methodology.

We have worked on hundreds of SEO campaigns over the years moving our strategy to comply with Google ever evolving algorithms. we will layout realistic goals and explain what we are doing, and why every step of the way providing monthly reports set out in a way you can understand so you can follow the progress to online visibility and ultimately a bigger online audience for your services and products.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has gone bananas in the last 10 years with Facebook, Twitter and various other platforms becoming integral parts of our everyday lives that we can no longer do without or escape from. It was only ever going to be a matter of time before these platforms became the new advertising shop window with access to billions of potential customers across the globe.

Social media marketing or SMM is basically the use of social media platforms to create and share content to help achieve your marketing and branding goals. This has led to huge amounts of money spent by thousands of companies around the world on creating a social media marketing campaign. Some companies now attribute most of there marketing budget specifically to this form of online marketing it has become that powerful.

You can no longer ignore social media, in fact its quite the opposite now. If you want online success you have to engage and embrace social media marketing or you will simply get left behind by your competitors.

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Got an amazing website? An amazing service or product? What if no one can find it? That’s where SEO can help. Here at Mobius Media, we have years of experience in getting websites onto the first page of Google.

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PPC (Pay Per Click)

Take the guesswork out of advertising. PPC is highly targeted and measurable. Our Google Certified account managers will make the most of your budget.

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WordPress Development

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). In a nutshell, it lets you manage your website easily without learning code. Originally developed as a blogging platform, WordPress has grown into an easy to use, flexible and user-friendly system. WordPress can be used to manage any kind of website.

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Magento Development

Magento is a dedicated eCommerce content management system (CMS). Magento is a comprehensive online shop, offering all the functionality that your business needs right “out of the box.” Voted the worlds #1 eCommerce solution, Magento is extremely powerful and can service any of your businesses online retail needs.

App Development Services

App Development

Whether it’s a business, enterprise only or even just a game, Mobius have the ability to produce intuitive and visually stunning applications for Android and iOS. With creations such as Guitar Hero accredited to members of our team, we can create the perfect App for your business.

Website Design

Website Design

Mobius prides itself on creating beautiful, bespoke websites that cater for the user journeys of your website, leading to increased conversion rates and sales through strong call to actions. We specialise in everything from simple brochure sites to the cutting edge of what is possible.

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A good brand can make a company as a poor brand can end a company. Mobius will create an effective succesful brand for your business taking you to the next level.

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Website Development

When it comes to web development, there are very few companies who have the experience and capacity as we do. Currently boasting fifteen in-house developers with a combined industry knowledge of over fifty years, ensures that your website is built to the highest quality by the most experienced professionals in the area.

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Whether it’s Magento, Woocommerce or Shopify we have you covered through our dedicated e-commerce development team, all experts in their field and highly skilled in creating e-commerce systems that scale to thousands of transactions per month.

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Mobius have worked hard to gain all of the Google PPC accreditations and pride themselves in the campaigns they create and manage for our clients. We are happy to share our knowledge and help our clients take there marketing forward themselves.

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Mobius have specialist developers who build Virtual and Augmented reality projects for clients around the world. We are always looking to push the boundaries of emerging technologies and create unique and new applications in VR and AR.

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CRM / ERP / Bespoke Systems

Looking to condense and streamline your business processes, build an interface between two existing systems or finally move onto a bespoke CRM? Mobius prides itself on its unique technical capabilities in the development of SaaS, CRM and ERP systems


What We Do

We hold various accreditations and can build in most platforms and languages. We pride ourselves in our huge and varied skill set and welcome any challenging projects.

We have one of the largest device testing labs in the UK with over 70 handsets, tablets and PC’s to enable testing across almost all devices, operating systems, and browsers.

We also build Virtual and Augmented reality software using the latest VR headsets to play with this emerging technology, and harness its power for the business world by creating innovative solutions for the most forward-thinking businesses.

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