What Causes Content to Go Viral?

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Mar 03, 2014
What is Viral Content? Viral content is content that has been shared and viewed willingly by an unofficial marketing channel. This could be a graphic...

The Great Content Robbery

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Feb 28, 2014
So, imagine the horror that you would experience if your content is stolen! It can be even more insulting when that content out ranks you in the searc...

Top 5 SEO Predictions 2014

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Feb 25, 2014
#1 Rich Snippets for local and mobile Mobile search has been growing on a large scale for a number of years. As a result it makes sense that Google w...

Design Vs SEO: FIGHT!

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Feb 12, 2014
It’s the old ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ scenario, and while I’m not saying that more traditional forms of art are dead, they have certainly...

The Friend Zone

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Feb 05, 2014
While I wouldn’t describe it as the worst position one can be in, it certainly isn’t the greatest; one party has to hold back from saying what the...

Time Crime

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Jan 29, 2014
One of the beauties of social networking is that you can now be fed news and information right there on a device of your choosing at any time of day,...

The Wolf of the Web

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Jan 23, 2014
I’d heard good things – mainly that it was filled with more money, drugs, sex and 4-letter-words than the BFI can shake a stick at and certainly h...

What’s Age Got to do With it?

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Jan 15, 2014
It always makes my heart sink as it’s just something that an older gent wouldn't dare broach until much later on – say when you offered up the inf...

Sex Sells…But Who’s Buying?

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Jan 08, 2014
Inspired by a current advert by GoDaddy I started to think about online and viral marketing and whether this has changed the dynamic of what sells. Th...

SOS: Save Our Social!

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Jan 02, 2014
However, when it’s the beginning of a New Year, there’s always that motivational voice at the back of your head telling you to get home and sort y...

The ‘C’ Word

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Dec 20, 2013
I have no particular issue with twinkling lights, festive music, excitable children and good food and drink (erm, yes please). It’s just the fuss, t...

A Design For Life

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Dec 11, 2013
I feel I've been very lucky career-wise; I'm a firm believer in hard work paying off and this always reflects in my creative work. And likewise, home...

The Big SEO Baby

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Dec 04, 2013
It’s interesting to see who sticks to their plans or how directions change over the years and although none of us ever did tour the world with rock...

The Rules of Fan-Club

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Nov 27, 2013
But enough tooting my own horn, what I’m trying to say is, the majority of us are lucky enough to have a ‘biggest fan’ in our lives. And likewis...

It’s Happy Hour Again – Hull Named City of Culture 2017

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Nov 20, 2013
I was about to write it off as just a bad day when I got to my phone and read the first text: “Hull City of Culture 2017 – just seen it on the tel...

You’re Anti-Social

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Nov 20, 2013
  Decent balance, not having two left feet or wearing too much hairspray (and once you’ve got a flame an inch from your nose you will unders...

Are You Afraid of the Birds?

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: Jul 16, 2013
Should we be afraid of the birds? Well, before I throw you into a mad frenzy at the unsettling thought of sparrows invading through the chimney or cr...

Competing against $6 a hour seo

  • Author: Josh Reading
  • Date: May 05, 2013
  Because SEO is still largely misunderstood, there is no 'definitive' price on how much it should cost, how long it takes or what you should...