Our New Website

The Mobius universe has changed dramatically over the last 5 years and its been a roller coaster of a ride let me tell you. As the Managing Director, I have seen so many changes if I had hair I would have lost it again!

We have grown exponentially to a team of 24 and what a team, they are a great bunch to work with and really go that extra mile to make sure we deliver for our clients every time. Its been over 3 years since our last website and 18 months since we launched our temporary landing page. This was supposed to last a month or two at most but as usual, the greatest laid plans never seem to lead to the desired results…so here we are 18 months on, 3 designs and 3 built websites and finally….finally we have our new website. The new website has been a full team collaboration and there have been tears, arguments and full tantrums but through it, all everyone involved has had the best interests on Mobius at the heart of everything they have suggested. I love that about our family.

We work with some outstanding clients, most have been with us since the early days and have been on our journey with us, but it’s not just about the clients, its about the partners you work with such as Vaccoda who have become our sales team in the south of the country. Rob and Matt are constantly sourcing amazing projects for us to work on and have been part of the Mobius family for over 5 years. they are an outstanding partner who produces some amazing stuff…Rob is our southern Josh and its frightening how alike they are (apart from the accent). Every company needs great clients, great partners and an amazing team and we have been blessed with all of these in abundance and we are grateful every single day.

So before I reduce myself to an emotional puddle, let me tell you where we are heading…We have worked hard on our accreditation’s and want to push this to the next level so we have decided to go for ISO 9001 as well as some industry-specific accreditations such as Cyber Essentials Plus. We want to continue to grow our charity support and the new venture with James Legal solicitors is the first step into growing that…By the way please have a look at this because not many companies I know of work harder then Nick Miller and James Legal to push the small start-ups to success then they do, they go above and beyond to support small enterprises and ask for and expect nothing in return, and I personally love that, and from a company perspective we are proud to be a part of it going forward. https://www.jameslegal.co.uk/services_for_business/inspiring-business-2018-explained

Let me finish by thanking everyone who has supported us in the last 5 years from our early days of just me and Josh in our shoebox office at Premier House in Hull town centre to Beverley through to Mobius towers in Hessle. Its been a journey and a half but one I’ve enjoyed immensely and one I’m incredibly proud of…Here’s to the next 5 years and beyond.