Mobius Update – New Team Members and plans for the future!

New Team Members

First off, we have three new members of the development team, Oli, Ben and Veronika. Oli and Veronika are experienced developers already, adding greater capacity to the number of web projects we can deliver. Ben is our new apprentice developer, so while he’s still in training he’s a great investment for the future. We have trained some really good developers over the years and each of them is a testament to the apprenticeship programme.

Outside of the development team, we have also welcomed Paul Wood to the management team. Paul is spearheading some large internal projects at the moment which will be revealed in the near future.

New Website

Some of you may have noticed that our front page has had a bit of a facelift. We’ve always been too busy to actually spend any real time on our own site, so a simple WordPress site has had to do. We have never really been happy with it as it does nothing to showcase the diverse technical skills that we can actually offer. In the last 18 months, we have had many discussions about how our new site should look. We’ve even designed a whole site then returned to the drawing board. We are now making headway and are looking to have this up and running in 2018.

Future Growth of Mobius

We have a very specific goal for 2018. We want to double the size of the company in the next 12 months. That means twice the staff, twice the projects, twice the revenues. In light of this, we have already begun renovations to our current office, which is close to capacity. Realistically, we will likely need to open a second office in 2018. This is also tied in with the new employee benefits that will be introduced in the new year. That’s enough blogging for now, but watch this space, exciting things are happening.