Mobius team member wins gold at Karate Championships

We are a competitive lot here at Mobius and we love a bit of healthy competition. While we still find the idea of a martial art which only works if you have your shoes and socks off a bit silly, a gold medal is a gold medal.

Now for the serious bit:

Hull Shukokai Karate Club competed in the Wharfedale Karate Championships this weekend (Sunday 9th July) bringing home a number a medals.

At the Wharfedale Karate Championships on Sunday 9th July, Hull Shukokai Karate Club won an impressive haul of gold, silver and bronze medals.


Thomas Davison:

  • 1st place Gold – Boys Junior (11 to 15 years)

Tyler Colby Brinkley:

  • 1st place Gold – Boys Senior (11 to 15 years)

Brett Thompson:

  • 1st place Gold – Men’s Brown Belts
  • 2nd place Silver – Men’s Team
  • Joint 3rd place 2x Bronze – Men’s Pairs

Michael Chappell:

  • 2nd Place Silver – Men’s Team
  • 3rd Place Bronze – Men’s Black Belts
  • 3rd Place Bronze – Men’s Veterans
  • 3rd Place Bronze – Men’s Pairs

 Andy Garmston:

  • 2nd Place Silver – Men’s Team
  • 2nd Place Silver – Men’s Veterans
  • 3rd Place Bronze – Men’s Pairs

Five competitors from Hull won an impressive thirteen medals across a range of age groups and experience levels.

First time competitor Thomas Davison won gold in the Boys Junior (11 to 15 years) division after joining the club less than one year ago. Tyler Colby Brinkley also won the gold in the Boys Senior (11 to 15 years). Brett Thompson took the gold in the men’s Brown Belt. Michael Chappell took home bronze in both the men’s black belt and men’s veterans’ kata. Andy Garmston won the silver after an intense final round in the men’s veterans’ kata.

The men’s senior team, also placed second in the men’s team kata, taking home three silver medals. A double pair’s kata entry also came joint third, winning 4 bronze medals.

After celebrating a great weekend of competition, Hull Shukokai Karate are now turning their attention to the SSU UK National Championships this October.

Hull Shukokai Karate train at Hessle Methodist Church Hall in Hessle. New members are always welcome and you can find more information at

Men's Senior Team - Hull Shukokai Karate