Google Mobile Friendly Search Algorithm: What you need to know

This isn’t totally new, as Google have been testing mobile related alterations for some time in it’s search results. We have written about this in previous blogs. Check out our blog, Google test red site speed indicators.

Are you mobile friendly?

You can take the mobile friendly site test here.

Google Mobile Friendly Search Tool

What’s changing?

In reality, we don’t believe that a great deal is changing. Google has been taking mobile and cross device performance into consideration for some time. They have tweaked their best practice a number of times, switching from m. mobile sites to favour responsive design. The only difference is that Google are now openly taking a position that responsive, mobile friendly design is good. This is something that online marketers have known for some time, but is only being confirmed now. After all mobile traffic has been steadily increasing for years, and with smartphones becoming more powerful this shows no signs of slowing down.

How do you become mobile friendly?

Mobile friendly websites are sites that can scale and adapt to multiple different platforms. This is achieved by making them responsive through CSS and optimising the sites. When done right, this creates a seamless experience across all devices and improves the sites UX.

Here at Mobius Media, we have been building all of our sites to be mobile responsive for a few years. This is because we recognised early on that this was important for both the websites development and marketing. We are proud to say that all of our sites passed the test.

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