Google Adword’s Interface Test “Go To” Button

Adwords Scrabble

Why do we need a Go To button?

Anyone that uses Adwords will know that Google Adwords has been undergoing some updates.
This started with the addition of the new reporting interface, which we absolutely loved!

Later we got the whole new beta interface. This went less smoothly. It had to main problems.

  1. It was full of bugs (not a complete surprise as it was a beta)
  2. The layout was completely changed. This made navigation for seasoned account managers difficult, as our conditioned minds naturally went to the wrong places.

It’s not that we are too lazy to learn the new interface layout. It’s more that as account managers we have a lot to do, so minimising time spent on simple tasks is important.
This caused a lot of Adwords users (and staff) to simply load the old interface, as it’s saved us time.

The new interface is out of beta, and a lot of the bugs are fixed, but the navigation is still something of a problem.

Enter the “Go To” button!

This handy little button recently appeared on some accounts. I believe it is currently on trial by Google.
Clicking it opens a search box, which lets you dynamically search and jump to whatever feature you would like.

Adwords Go To Button

We’ve gotta admit it, we are big fans of this. It makes navigating Adwords really quick and easy.