Yacht Crew

The Yacht Crew App is a specialised Crew App for measuring distance, route, speed and time. It is designed for team events and for performance monitoring.

The Challenge

Mobius was approached to see if we could build a Yacht crew app for a Yacht team as a phase one beta test to ascertain its viability and effective performance when out of the open ocean.

This was a great challenge for us as it threw up a few immediate challenges such as connectivity, accurate speed measurement including how do we test its accuracy and data recording.

This project was something right up our street and allowed us to really test our technological skillset even though this was a pilot and not a commercial venture.

The Solution

We had to initially devise technological journey for the app and how each part functioned if everything worked the way we wanted it too.

We worked through quite a few scenarios and tried various methods for the connectivity, which we knew was going to be sporadic when out of the ocean. We ended up settling on GPS as the tracker and speed recorder and then the journey data downloaded once the wifi connectivity re-established.

This worked really well and was quite a bit of fun as testing involved driving around at various speeds with the phone attached to the top of the car to get the best GPS signal.

The tech

The Tech used for the Yacht App was determined by what it needed to do. We knew it needed an iOS version predominately and an Android version later down the line.

We decided that after assessing what it needed to do we could build a fully operational beta version using Phone Gap, which allowed a degree of flexibility but also enabled us to build it quickly and effectively allowing the client to test the feasibility of the App on the open water.

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