Stackers by LC Designs is about beauty, flexibility, and luxury. Their range of stacking jewelry boxes are sold all over the world.

The unique design allows you to design and create your own jewelry box depending on your needs and your style. A beautiful bespoke jewelry box made just for you.

The Challenge

Stackers is a site designed by LC Designs and is the flagship website for their luxurious range of products, which are sold around the world.

LC Designs wanted to the site to work with numerous 3rd party integrations and it had to scalable and flexible including bespoke reporting built into the cms back end.

We had to ensure the new website worked across mobile and tablet and the user journey wasn’t compromised when using multiple devices. Hosting and deployment was another consideration as Magento can be notoriously awkward where hosting is concerned so this also needed to be factored in when selecting a hosting solution.

The Solution

Initially, we devised a project plan based around timelines, milestones, and tasks. We factored this into a Gantt chart and allocated individual tasks to specific team members as the deadline was pretty tight and had to be achieved including testing.

The main discussions and planning were around the integrations as these were the three third-party payment gateways consisting of Sage Pay, Amazon Payments and Paypal. These all needed thoroughly testing to ensure they not only processed the sales correctly but reported back throuhg the Magento system accuratley and deplyed the relevant communication afterwards.

The project went very well and we were pleased with the testing period results and how well the new website performed under stress.

We deployed the site on to its own hosting platform using various software designed for Magento to increase page load speeds and stability.

Mobius have been an excellent agency to work with. Over the past 3 years we have worked closely with them growing and developing all our brands online. They always go the extra mile to get the job done and their knowledge of Magento and web development has been invaluable.
Jamie Stock Head Of ECommerce

The Tech

Stackers was a redesign and a move from Magento 1.9 to the new Magento 2 platform.

We thought about a move to Woo-commerce but decided after discussions that the Magento platform would be more suitable for the Stackers needs. We also needed to integrate three payment gateways into the site Sage Pay, Paypal and Amazon payments. We also had to do the AWS integration for the US site.

A beautiful concept

Beauty mixed with functionality is what stackers are all about. The simple to use customer journey coupled with stunning visuals make stackers a market leader in this sector.

The LC Designs range of websites including Stackers are designed and developed to the latest standards and are the standout designs within this sector which reflects their reputation and quality.

The Stats

The new stackers Magento 2 site needed to achieve an outstanding user journey but had to be flexible and robust as well.

The aim was to increase traffic, improved UX and site stability creating a unique experience for all users as well as powerful reporting for the LC Designs team.

The new website needed to produce results but also had to be capable of reporting on those results and have the capacity to be changed based on client feedback. We felt that using software to monitor live users on the website would help with any UX bottlenecks allowing us to make quick changes in reaction to this live feedback.

The goals were to achieve more sales through increased traffic achieved through excellent designs and a more positive user journey.

The new site was optimised for speed and reaction and had to adhere to Google's latest search algorithms to ensure the performance as it good as it could be. The designs focused on outstanding UX and included flexibility and scalability as one of its primary goals without affecting the aesthetic look of the size.
Stackers transfer from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2 brought the site up to date into the latest Magento release and allowed for some design changes which reflected feedback to the user journey. The result was a faster, cleaner and easier to navigate website aimed at simple enjoyable client experience.
The new Stackers site was optimised and built to the latest industry standards. the thought that went into the new designs reflected what LC Designs hoped to achieve for the site. In the first 3 months, traffic was up by 22% and sales followed that upward trend. the site uptime during that period was 100% showing that the planning had been thorough and consistent resulting in the project goals been realised early on.

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