St Chrysostom’s C.E Primary School

The Challenge

St Chrysostom’s C.E Primary School engaged with us to refresh their branding and then design and develop a new easy to use website.

We knew the school would require some post build training so we had to develop the new website in a really user friending cms. We decided on WordPress as we felt this would allow staff at the school to easily pick up how to manipulate the cms and do everything they wanted to going forward.

The branding needed modernising but not to the detriment of the school ethos and message they wanted to portray. We wanted to work with the school as a partnership to ensure we met their goals without comprimising their values.

The Solution

We started with the branding and worked through some ideas with the client creating 5 new concepts as a foundation to build on.

St Chrysostom’s nominated staff were incredibly helpful and had a clear vision of what the new branding meant to the school and what they wanted it to say about the school.

Once we had the branding signed off and the clients were happy we moved onto the website. Again there was a clear spec and vision for what they wanted to achieve with the website. We needed to ensure it was manageable for the staff whilst been robust flexible and scalable going forward. We also worked incredibly hard on the design to make sure it had an outstanding UX experience for all target audiences.

St Chrysostoms Design Palette

Design Palette

Design and a user-friendly website that parents, pupils, and visitors could all use easily was the main aims and goals of the new branding and website.

The beautiful new brand was designed in conjunction with the client and through multiple meetings and discussions, to make sure we achieved the correct branding to reflect the school’s ethos and message.

The website followed the new branding and had an excellent UX experience designed into every aspect of the site, creating a future-proof, scalable and easy to navigate website.

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