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So cook comes from the founder’s love of cooking and knowledge of technology. These have been combined, creating mobile apps that removes the mundane element of home cooking, and create amazing meals

As a nation we are put under constant pressure by the media to eat better and look better. The result of this for most of us, is that the social experience of enjoying food is undermined. This combined with our busy lives often makes even simple decisions like what to have for dinner almost impossible. How can we combine good quality meals, with a busy life and still enjoy the food we eat?

So Cook’s mission is to resolve this dilemma using our food expertise, our menu planning skills and our knowledge of technology.

The Challenge

So Cook was three projects in one and because of that was a real challenge to ensure that every piece of the overall project worked in a way that made timings seamless and the systems work together the way it needed too.

One of the biggest challenges was the bespoke recipe creator which had to work with both the app and the website, pulling from a central main database which had an extremely complicated structure to make sure it did exactly what So Cook needed it to do.

Planning and forward thinking were always going to be a headache as everything had to work in a certain way at a certain time with some functionality overlapping.

The Solution

We approached this project with 3 different teams. We had the design team who had to create the brand, app design, and website design and then the 2 development teams who concentrated on building the app and the website and database.

We initially chose WordPress as our platform for the website but decided to move this into Laravel as it would communicate better with the database and app.

The project went very well and Mandy, the founder was a real help around organising what she wanted and the way she envisioned things working. It did help that she was a developer in another life so could explain things in a way the developers at Mobius understood.

So Cook really enjoyed working with Mobius. They created and brought to life our vision and went above and beyond what was expected of them. They couldn't do enough to help and nothing was an issue for them. We will continue to drive the brand forward with Mobius as our I.T partner. An excellent team of skillful and really nice people who actually care.
Mandy Winder Founder & Managing Director


The technologies we use are always thoroughly evaluated and considered in conjunction with the client’s needs and future scalability.

These projects needed multiple technologies to work together to ensure the desired results and involved creating a central database to allow information to be pulled through to the website and the App.

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