Shared Space

Shared Space is a user friendly booking system that encourages efficient use and management of your space to ensure you are getting the best value for money from your estate.

The system allows services to book the correct type of space for the required amount of time and identifies availability of the desired space type and location and also offers suitable alternative options.

The Challenge

The team at Shared Agenda requested us to build a room booking and utilisation tool.

We had to produce a detailed specification based on the requirements of the client. This needed to be extensive and thorough to ensure that all the goals and aims for the system were achieved and clearly covered in the detailed specification.

The system had to be completely bespoke and have the ability to scale as well as being flexible, but more importantly the ability to evolve as the company evolved and grew. The booking system had to work across multiple sites incorporated as an estate and potentially it had to work across numerous estates.

The Solution

We started with planning the systems core functionality and what the client needed the system to do during a project kick off meeting involving the development team and the client.

The next stage was to produce the comprehensive specification which once compiled had to amended and signed off by the client so they knew exactly what we were delivering. We started the design phase of the system and worked through some formats for the client including the dashboards and individual pages.

The development phase and the testing period were extensive and the testing was carried out in conjunction with the client.

We needed to build a room booking system with bespoke analytical functionality that we could not find elsewhere. We needed a leap in faith, and put our faith in another organisations’ technical competence to deliver our vision. The Mobius team replaced this anxiety with confidence, delivering to our expectations, on time and within budget. We subsequently have a system we are now proud of that has significantly supported our own business development.
Richard Clark Head of Estate Planning

The Tech

The space booking management system had to handle data across multiple sites which make up an estate across an area.

The system needed to be bespoke to the solution so existing off the shelf systems would not be suitable or adaptable to create exactly what the team at shared agenda wanted. We decided a custom Laravel build would be the best way forward for the system build as it allowed us to create a secure, bespoke and scalable system which could be easily adapted for expansion across multiple estates.

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