Resource Group

Resource Group is a privately owned business serving the recruitment and training needs of the Aviation and Aerospace sector for some 40 years.

The Group has evolved into a substantial business which offers an array of human resource-based services and solutions.

The Challenge

Resource group area global company comprising of three key parts: Aviation Technical Recruitment, Aviation Training Solutions and Flight Crew Services. they approached us to design and develop a new online website incorporating a sales portal and recruitment area and job board.

We had to create this platform to reflect RG’s place within the market and their plans for growth meaning the system had to flexible and had the ability to scale as the business did. the designs also had to project RG’s branding and company colours making them easily identifiable before you saw the name of the company.

The system also need to have various third party integrations and a robust payment gateway handling multiple transactions at any one time. we also had to ensure the UX experience was exceptional and the system was built with search engine optimisation in mind as rankings were going to be a key factor over the coming months.

The Solution

We had to initially create a sitemap and flowchart to allow us to ascertain the full scope of the project and all of its extra add-ons. from there we had to write a comprehensive design and development spec to allow the team to understand the process, aims and goals of the project.

Once the system has been completely written up we then had to ensure all the relevant information regarding the third party integrations was available to us. When we had all the tools needed we moved onto the design phase and through to the development phases of the project.

Testing was always going to be more robust and comprehensive then normal due to the level of integrations and the various sections of the site. we performed stringent testing protocols within the device lab and on a beta level with selected RG staff to stress test the system fully.

once everybody was satisfied we deployed the site and initiated our go-live procedure to ensure a smooth transition to a live environment.

The Tech

The technologies we use are always thoroughly evaluated and considered in conjunction with the client’s needs and future scalability.

The Resource group project needed to be flexible and scalable but offer an outstanding user experience with simple and easy to follow navigation. The integrations and system hook-ups also need to be seamless offering the clients an easy user journey allowing the sales process to be simple but incredibly effective.

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