At Purewell Electrical we know the importance of family, and the support they can provide. And from the beginning in 1955 when Arthur Griffiths founded Purewell Electrical with the help of his wife Doreen (who sold her car to buy the first stock), we have been striving to improve the lives of the residents of Purewell and Christchurch, by providing the technology that makes people happy. In the 1950’s we sold some of the earliest automatic vacuum cleaners and radios, before the television became popular!

The tech

Purewell wanted their new site to be designed and then built in Magento 1.9. It is a system they knew and wanted to continue to work with. We ere happy to oblige and create a stunning site that met the functional goals Purewell needed.

We used various pieces of technology during the Purewell project and had in integrate various payment gateways the client wanted to use. We also had to incorporate various 3rd party integrations for the systems the client needed to work with through the website such as Trust Pilot

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