NGS is the new generation of International Emergency Response, tracking, travel management and remote logistics company. The only dedicated medical assistance, security and point of incident evacuation provider designed to meet modern, corporate travel patterns.

Northcott are specialists at what they do. Years of understanding and developing response strategy has enabled NGS to work with every industry sector, regardless of global location. Their team consists of high-calibre individuals who are carefully selected for their experience, ability to make decisions and get the job done.

The Challenge

Northcott Global Solutions asked us to produce an App that could be used by their clients to track and monitor their whereabouts in the world with the ability to scramble an emergency evacuation team if needed.

How cool a project is that!! Of course we jumped at the challenge and really felt we could create something for NGS that met all of their requirements allowing them to add another service to their already extensive skill set and service offering.

The only major hurdle was that some clients were using old phones and if it was one or two phones it wouldn’t have posed such an dilemma but it was thousands in use which meant reverse engineering anything we developed. We wasn’t one hundred percent it could be done…but if it could we would find a way.

The Solution

Northcott gave us access to the information we needed to start designing the first concepts for the App. We worked alongside Director of security Rick Sheer to map out the correct journey the App needed to achieve.

Once we had the designs done and signed off we moved on to the development stage and then on to an extensive round of testing before releasing to a select number of people to beta test in the field for us.

After some initial tweaks the App worked like a dream and hit all the markers set out for us at the beginning of the project. The App has become a major part of NGS’s service offerings and a real feather in our cap.

The Tech

The One Touch App need to work across multiple formats and was a real challenge as soon of the NGS clients still used blackberry phones from 8 years ago.

We have reverse engineer the app to work across these old formats and also to work on windows as soon clients used windows based phones. The website was relatively straight forward and was built on the WordPress cms which allowed NGS to control their own content and update the website as they needed too.

NGS Global Security

Northcott Global Solutions are one of the leading security companies in the world. They need to create a platform and brand that reflects that.

Northcott recognises that technology is going to be a major contributor to how they grow and are perceived within their chosen arena. We have worked with them to start them on this journey and we think NGS will go on to to be a major player within their industry as their reputation is outstanding.

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