Manchester Healthy Schools

Manchester Healthy Schools Team has been working in partnership with Manchester schools for over seventeen years – tackling health inequalities and improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

In November 2016, the team merged with the School Nursing service to create the School Health Service; closely aligning the work of both teams to the Healthy Child Programme.

The Challenge

The Manchester Healthy Schools project is an NHS and schools project.

The Solution

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Kimberley Evans Healthy Schools Team Lead

The Tech

Mobius was tasked with creating and building a large bespoke database driven system to meet the specification outlined by Manchester Healthy Schools.

The system needed to be robust, scalable and flexible to ensure that multiple users could use the system at any one time without stability issues. Due to the nature of the system and its intended use, we decided a full bespoke Laravel build was required as WordPress couldn’t be manipulated in a stable way to meet the client’s needs.

Health Checks

Manchester Healthy Schools have expanded their project over the last seventeen years to help battle health inequalities through Manchester schools.

The new system needed to reflect their desire to grow year on year and expand the program beyond their current remit. The system needed the ability to evolve and so the bespoke option was used to facilitate this growth and flexibility.

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