Killing Kittens

Founded in 2005 by Emma Sayle in response to demand from young, independent and solvent single girls and couples who needed something more.

Killing Kittens created the world’s most exclusive, decadent and hedonistic parties, fully focused on the pursuit of female pleasure for girls in control who know what they want as well as empowering adventurous couples the world over.

The Challenge

Killing Kittens is a system that supports an online community of over 100,000 members. It has various aspects to the system that all need to integrate seamlessly

The online portal needed to house a full bespoke messaging system that allowed for certain user levels and members rules to be applied to ensure the KK code of conduct applied to members using it.

The system needed to evolve as the brand did and have the ability to grow exponentially as more members were joining monthly. The system needed outstanding security to protect the members but also be easy to use site-wide so an excellent UX experience was also required.

The Solution

We worked with the KK team through the design phase so we have the relevant amount on development input to ensure the design aspect met with the development capability and requirements.

The system was built completely from the ground up using the Laravel framework for its flexibility and scalability. We built the system using Agile development methodology to ensure the deadline milestones were achieved.

We had to beta test the system extensively as the usage was going to be demanding from launch so we wanted to ensure stability and security were exactly where they needed to be.

The Tech

Killing Kittens and various integrations built into it to achieve the functionality the team required.

The payment gateway chosen was EMPay which is an easy to use flexible solution to online payments. It is also very secure which was an important consideration for the site and the team at Mobius.

The technology chosen to build the system was selected as it future -proofed the growth of the site and allowed for additional development modules to be built and plugin to the system.

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