IPS Minerals

Intelligent Project Supplies (IPS) are a company based in Southampton that source, purchase inspect and transport plant equipment worldwide. They are also focused on developing regions within mining, agriculture and infastructure industries across the globe.

The Challenge

We have worked with Intelligent Project Supplies on numerous projects across their group. We were contracted to develop their latest website IPS Minerals.

The project was around designing and developing a new website that matched and highlighted the growth into this sector IPS was planning on over the next few years. The website needed to enhance the IPS brand and deliver a professional market leading website which reflected the IPS reputation and standing within the industry.

Our challenge was to make sure we achieved all of that whilst not compromising of the scalability and flexibility of the system as IPS were evolving and growing rapidly so the system would need to move with the business.

The Solution

We commenced the project involving the team at IPS on what the website’s aims and goals were in an ideal world.

From there we compiled the wish list and started to implement this into a design and development specification to allow us to plan the division of resource and milestones.

After sign off for the visually stunning designs, we started the development of the new website which was to be delivered under quite time critical restraints due to various IPS events that needed the new website as the focal point.

The development went successfully and we met the time constraints although we had to really put the hours in and go above and beyond to achieve everything. But that’s what Mobius do!


Testimonial to follow...
Ryan Slaughter Managing Director

The Tech

IPS have various online systems we need to incorporate with this web portal, meaning the system neede to be flexible and robust.

We decided a bespoke design backed up with the WordPress cms would make a really powerful but easy to use backend system for the client as well as giving us the opportunity to create a really nice front-end design to drive the business forward and increase their online performance.


The Mineral Hunt

The diversity of what IPS actually do on a global scale is why any systems we build for them have to be equal to what they need from a performance perspective.

The company has evolved and grown so quickly the website and other systems has to be scalable to keep up with IPS and the industry. The website is being used to showcase their services and abilities across the globe and through strategic design emphasis their position as a market leader in this sector.

The Stats

We knew from the early planning we did with the client that the website was going to be the first part of a host of new sites each focusing on a different facet of the company.

This site was to encourage and grow potential clients and investors from an online perspective. It allowed IPS to engage with clients in different countries who may not have access to them otherwise. We wanted to grow the visitors to the site and develop the online presence.

The site was launched and we monitored traffic through Google Analytics over the first 3 month period. This allowed us to ascertain the levels of traffic and the geographical data on where that traffic was coming from.
The shifts in technology meant that the system needed to work responsively but had to be really effective on tablet as more IPS clients used tablets in site to record and access data whilst on the go. The website needed to support this level of user engagement seamlessly.
The new websites main goals were to increase the IPS online presence and to become their shopfront for advertising their extensive abilities and current projects around the world. Increased site traffic and interaction was fundamentally the key to growing this online presence

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