Hoot & Marmalade

Hoot and Marmalade is a series of Apps and a website designed to introduce children 3+ to fun, dual language translation games using nursery rhymes. The system includes a voice recorder module and child’s activity log for parents so they can see the progress their child or children are making.

The Challenge

Hoot and Marmalade is such an amazing concept but once we had sat with Brian to establish his plans and ideas for the future, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

We needed to build from scratch to Apps that needed to be native and published in the Apple store and Playstore. Brian had also had a website started but not finished after over 18 months of being messed about about developers abroad. After reviewing what was there the decision was taken to rebuild it from scratch as we had the assets so made the job slightly easier.

Brian had worked extensively to get everything we needed and was very hands on when it came to designs the build and then testing for us. he has a lot of passion about what he does and wanted the highest standards to ensure his projects are future proofed and have the ability to be expanded on into different markets around the world.

The Solution

We initially planned the project out so we could design and build the Apps first and hopefully get them into the stores and up and running. Brian had his own homework list which wasn’t any easier then ours.

Brian had to find a way to host the Chinese versions in China or with accessibility to that market as it is notoriously hard to host sites aimed at the Chinese market outside of China. he eventually sourced a supplier in Singapore.

We worked through numerous design concepts and then the development phases of the App. these were then launched within the stores which was a bit of a battle with Apple who aren’t the most helpful when submitting Apps for approval.

the website is designed and built and is currently going through the testing phase and will be launched Sept 2018/ We believe this is an amazing project and will undoubtedly become a huge success.

The Tech

Hoot and Marmalade is a project consisting of three parts. There is two Apps and a website. We have built the two apps and they are available in the iOS store and the Android store.

The website will be going live within the next month and we are sure it will be a huge success.

The tech we used was based around the needs of the project and the complexities of what the website needed to do, so we chose Laravel so we could build a fully bespoke system to ensure the website met all of the clients needs and was future proof around scalability and flexibility, especially as there are already plans to expand into different languages.

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