Effective Fitness

Effective Fitness is an East Yorkshire based gym and fitness studio. With state of the art equipment and industry qualified specialist personal trainers Effective Fitness are one of Hull’s leading Fitness Studio’s

The Challenge

Effective Fitness is a leading East Yorkshire gym and fitness studio. They have worked tirelessly to increase their client base throughout the area.

After a recent full refurbishment and the addition of multiple states of the art fitness machines, Effective Fitness decided they want to refresh their brand and redesign their website from the ground up.

After consulting with a few agencies Effective chose Mobius because of our ability to understand the DNA of a business and the effort we put into connecting with our clients and their business goals.

We knew that the project was going to need to create the foundation allowing EF to grow and reach the next level. Another aspiration was the site would continue to act as a portal and shop window for potential members but also personal trainers who would use the facilities with their clients as well.

The Solution

We started with comprehensive planning including branding workshops, client consultations, mood boards and brainstorming sessions to develop every conceivable idea no matter how crazy it sounded.

From there we started to work on some initial brand concepts designing three for client feedback and as a foundation to develop on. EF was very proactive and hands-on which for us, is absolutely brilliant as it gives us really constructive feedback during this stage.

Once we had the branding sign off and had created the branding guidelines it was on to the website which went very smoothly as the guidelines were excellent as an initial blueprint. We designed and developed a really nice looking and functional website with the capacity for scalability and flexibility but also the ability to showcase all of the current equipment and classes the studio has recently added.

We really enjoyed working with EF and will continue to do so as they grow and go from strength to strength.

We contracted Mobius to create a new brand and website to reflect our growth and reputation. They were incredibly professional and passionate about giving us something unique and in line with our future goals. The brand, we feel, has taken us to the next level and the website has really put us on the map as people as using it to plan their fitness activity as well as following whats going on at the gym. The traffic has increased dramatically and with their help, our marketing offering is much improved increasing online engagement massively. We have really enjoyed working with Mobius and will continue to do so in the future. I can't recommend them highly enough.
John Rodgers Managing Director

The Tech

This project involved various levels of software and coding. the project was quite complicated as it involved incorporating new brand guidelines.

The new website had to showcase new classes and equipment but also give that feel of a community which EF has pushed with all of their members for years. We think the new website really incorporates their values and ethics as a company.

Fitness & Beauty

Effective Fitness have big ambitions and plans for the future.

They wanted a brand and new website to reflect that and help them achieve their goals both off and online.

The stats

The stats speak for themselves with the Effective Fitness project. We are really happy we have been part of this journey with EF and have seen them grow as a company.

Our small part in helping EF on its way to reaching its huge potential is evident in the results, with the increase in traffic to the website reflected in an increase in memberships and more inquiries online than ever before. An excellent result all round.

The new branding has created an excellent foundation to drive the company forward in the next few years. With inquiries and memberships already at a 25% increase year on year we are hoping this is only the tip of the iceberg.
Obviously, web traffic and engagement are really crucial aspects of attracting new business for Effective Fitness. The new website has is already repaying the investment EF has made with traffic over the first 3 months up 37% and the bounce rate down from 44% to 11%. That is quite a big shift in traffic and a huge positive going forward.
With social media being such a massive drive to your online persona and in some cases your entire world for advertising, Mobius realise the importance of excellent social media marketing and with some of our facebook adverts being in the top 3% performing adverts in the UK we feel we are well placed to assist with any social media you may need.

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