Deli No 1

Deli No.1 offers a blend of high quality food & drink throughout the day and night, coffee, sandwiches, burger and cocktails under one roof.

With its contemporary decor and relaxed ambience, Deli No 1 is the perfect place to enjoy some delicious food and simply watch the world go by.


The Challenge

The challenge for us working with Deli No 1, and to be honest for them as a Deli in a crowded market, was to create something better then what their competitors had and to reinforce a growing reputation and take it to the next level.

The team, led by founder Dan, had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and what their goals for the brand needed to be. The aim was to take Deli No 1 to the next level and allow them to compete with the big chain branches around them. The team at Deli No 1 see themselves as disruptive within their market and aren’t afraid to try different things to achieve the success for their business.

the concepts need to have a traditional feel with a twist of modern and contemporary which sounds like a contradiction in terms but when you break it down creates a longevity for the brand as it becomes ageless whilst always seeming relevant.

The new brand also had to be easily identifiable as Deli No 1 and people had to recognise it simply from the design.

The Solution

Let us start by acknowledging the efforts of both Mobius and Deli No 1 in creating what we feel is a stunning result and a beautiful brand which meets all of the required goals and more for Deli No 1.

The team at Deli No 1 were tireless in their ideas and contributions which made our job so much easier as they were incredibly open to suggestion and justification behind those suggestions. We knew we had to make the brand future proof to fit in with the businesses next 5-year plan for growth and expansion which would be anchored in the brand.

What we created and developed was absolutely stunning and we are really proud of the concept. More importantly the team ar Deli No 1 loved it and bought into the idea and message it portrays immediately. this brand will drive the Deli business forward and give them a solid foundation to build on over the coming years.

We have worked with Mobius Media on various projects and have built up a strong professional relationship. They are an exceptionally talented bunch and never fail to deliver. There work ethic is a breath of fresh air as nothing is ever to much hassle and they are not frightened to challenge us if they have an idea that may be better then ours. In our eyes, that's what an agency should do, be all for the client and the results but not be afraid to present alternatives and ideas for the good of the company and the overall result. That's what you get with Mobius.
Dan Moxon Owner And Founder

Deli No. 1 Design Palettes

Stunning Design

Deli No 1 has become as become synonymous with quality, affordable luxury and decadence since its launch and transition to Flemingate, Beverley.

The designs we created had to reflect and project that in a way that customers could relate too. Brand is everything and is the the number one way of relating to a company, for example the golden arches of MacDonald’s, the tick of Nike. Deli No 1 wanted to create a statement of identify that was easily recognised as them.

The team at Deli No 1 are immensely proud of their reputation, and rightly so, they have established themselves as a market disrupter in a crowded field with the big guns of Starbucks and Costa and have come out as the company to learn from.

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