Archery GB

Archery GB are the national governing body for archery in Great Britain. Archery GB is responsible for all levels of archery within the UK from elite to development level.

Archery GB is the Umbrella organisation for English Archery Association, Archery Northern Ireland, Scottish Archery and Welsh Archery Association.

The Challenge

Archery GB chose Mobius from numerous tenders who applied to work with them. We were delighted to be chosen and immediately set to work on working on Archery GB’s new website.

First, we had to ascertain what the end goal was for the new website and who the target audience was. AGB wanted to attract younger members and publicise the sport across the UK and the various clubs people could join.

AGB wanted a vibrant, refreshing and clean looking site that captured the AGB values and allowed an interactive calendar showing club events around the country. The site had to have a very easy user journey and allow visitors to access all areas of the site very quickly and within a few clicks.

We wanted to create something that met all the goals of AGB but did not sacrifice the creative flair and cutting-edge feel to the site.

The Solution

We started by having a design workshop and ideas session with the client at their Lilleshall HQ. This allowed us to listen to every conceivable idea good and bad, for the new website design.

We then had to put these ideas into design concepts to allow the client to visualise how we hade interpreted their requirements and wishlist. The first concept hit the spot with very few amends and we felt really embraced what AGB was trying to achieve.

The development provided a few challenges but nothing the team couldn’t handle and to be honest, the guys loved the intricacies of the designs and functionality.

The result was exactly what the client wanted and we are over the moon with what we delivered. A job well done.

From the outset Mobius Media gave us the confidence that they would be able to provide, not only the technical expertise but also the creativity to deliver a vibrant and dynamic website. Throughout the development phase communications were open and honest and they worked well accommodate our unique needs. Once launched the level of customer support offered, by the team, is quick and straight forward and they are always on hand to offer advice and guidance on further developments.
Will Peel Commercial & Operations Manager

The Tech

The technologies we use are always thoroughly evaluated and considered in conjunction with the client’s needs and future scalability.

The Archery GB project needed to be flexible and scalable but retain powerful back office features that were also easy for the client to use.

Hitting the mark

Archery GB wanted a site that would work for them. It needed to reflect their values and drive the sport to the next level at grassroots.

Our main aim was to attract the next generation of archers and to inspire former archers to pick up their bows and rejoin a local club. We wanted to move away from any preconceptions and showcase the sport to all ages and encourage people to get involved.


The redesign and development of the new Archery GB site had many goals. One of the most important was to attract new members from all age groups to engage with the site and get involved with Archery.

We needed to make the site accessible, easy to navigate and an enjoyable, informative experience for everyone who visited it. we also wanted to keep existing users engaged so we could build the website user base.

The old site had a relatively high bounce rate. this meant people were visiting the site but not engaging with it and leaving or pressing back. We knew this was an issue the new design and development had to address. With careful planning, we were able to get this down to 14% from 38%. A really great result.
Mobius wanted to understand the user journey. We were simply not satisfied with a beautiful looking site. We wanted it to be functional as well, so we installed a clever piece of code which allowed us to make live videos of users on the site so we could identify any design bottlenecks. This gave us the opportunity to make small amends making the user journey as easy and effective as it could be.
based on AGB's historic user data the new website has on average attracted 21% more users month on month for the first 3 months of it being live. This is down to the look, feel and usability of the new site.

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