BUD SUGAR – VIRAL (EP) – From Our Very Own Lans

Check out their unique blend of multi genre vibes.

VIRAL by Bud Sugar

Everyone gives a little tongue in cheek from time-to-time. The things you often thought people were joking about, which in reality are quite serious. Bud Sugar are that band; they are the unconventional future of the music world. Their previous EP, VIBE, was a stand-alone-statement, a big happy middle finger to those dividing both people & genre expectations. A release which got national attention from the likes of BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson, even making national news headlines having performed at London’s pro-refugee demonstration.  Lines such as “Shudup, Shudup, you should up your silence, you are the breed of fiend keeping us divided” chanted by frontman Bacary Bax Who is also Lans’ brother, echo over rhythms of excitement.

Now the Hull-based band are ready to let go of their new extended-play-commentary filled with social consciousness, melding seamlessly with their sense of humour. Some talk of an afro, up-beat skank. Others claim, ska but not quite ska. Certainly the high speed, manic ukulele and drum machine are key components. This EP will get you craving the summery, high octane vibes which they incant, and it makes for a galvanising listening experience. Released on their independent label Vibe Tribe.

This year has already seen Bud Sugar work closely with BBC Introducing, having covered extensive ground to build their brand (for example, supporting The Wailers with a sell-out show, headlining BBC Radio 1’s Academy & even cementing themselves in Fred Perry’s ’20 Hull Bands You Need to Hear’.)

Bud Sugar consists of Bax (vocals) & Lans (drums/vocals) with Dyl (guitar), Rob (bass) & Stan (ukulele).

You can catch Bud Sugar at Humber Street Sesh on 5th August.