Meet Becky, the latest member of the Mobius Family

Becky is a Marketing Executive, and is the first step in our plans to expand our marketing team. Becky started at our new headquarters, Mobius House on Monday the 16th. Alongside her training in marketing, she is also doing an ICT course with the good people at Hull Business Training.

Here is a little bio that Becky has written about herself:

“Outside of work I am usually seen chilling on the sofa playing my varied collection of games ranging from Rocket League to Halo to Dragon Age. When I’m not too busy gaming I can be found reading my collection of Sherlock Holmes or out in town shopping and catching up on the latest blockbusters. I often enjoy family holidays to Tenerife where I nurture my love for animals through whale watching and horse riding as well as trips to Jungle park to watch their many fantastic show; from birds-of-prey to sea lions.”